If you are under 65, are HIV+, and otherwise qualify, MassHealth can pay for your health care even if you do not have AIDS or are not disabled. We cover many services to keep you healthy: doctor visits, medications, lab tests, mental-health services, substance-abuse treatment services, hospital stays, dental coverage, and eyeglasses.

We look at income level and family size to decide if you or your family can get MassHealth. You may be eligible for MassHealth whether or not you work, and even if you have other health insurance. Other rules may apply.

You may qualify if your monthly income (before taxes and deductions) is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. For self-employment, use your total business income from line 12 on your most recent U.S. tax return. For rental income, use the net rental income from line 26 on your most recent Schedule E.

You can choose a doctor from our Primary Care Clinician (PCC) Plan or we can choose one for you. MassHealth's PCC Plan has thousands of doctors. Your doctor may already be part of the plan.

For more information, download the MassHealth Brochure for People with HIV,

Services that encourage independent living for people who are HIV+ are available in your community. These services include transportation, child care, managing your daily medications, and case management. For more information, call the AIDS Action Committee Hotline at 1-800-235-2331. Or go to www.aac.org.

The Massachusetts Insurance Connection (MIC) is another program that helps people with AIDS or diseases related to HIV by paying their private health insurance premiums. It is designed to help persons who are no longer working or those who are unable to work more than part time. This program helps both MassHealth members and those who may not be eligible for MassHealth. For more information about MIC or to get an application, please call 617-847-1248.

This information is provided by MassHealth.