• MassHealth Standard

    This coverage type offers a full range of health-care benefits.
  • MassHealth CommonHealth

    MassHealth CommonHealth offers health-care benefits similar to MassHealth Standard to disabled adults and disabled children who cannot get MassHealth Standard.
  • MassHealth Family Assistance

    MassHealth Family Assistance offers coverage to children, some working adults, and people who are HIV positive who cannot get MassHealth Standard or MassHealth CommonHealth.
  • MassHealth Basic

    This coverage type offers coverage to certain unemployed adults.
  • MassHealth Essential

    This coverage type offers coverage to certain unemployed adults who are not eligible for MassHealth Basic.
  • MassHealth Prenatal

    MassHealth Prenatal offers health-care benefits right away to pregnant women for up to 60 days. During the 60 days, MassHealth will decide if the pregnant woman can get another MassHealth coverage type.
  • MassHealth Limited

    This coverage type provides emergency health services to people who, under federal law, have an immigration status that keeps them from getting more services.
  • Children's Medical Security Plan

    The Children's Medical Security Program (CMSP) is a health-insurance program that provides certain uninsured children and adolescents with primary and preventive medical and dental coverage.
  • Healthy Start

    The Healthy Start program provides health insurance to pregnant women in order to improve access to early, comprehensive and continuous prenatal care for low-income, uninsured women.