photo of school crossing sign

During morning and afternoon commutes, children are everywhere as they make their way to and from school. Luckily, so are crossing guards, to help them cross busy roadways safely.

Sadly, here in Massachusetts two crossing guards have been killed and many more injured on the job when struck by vehicles while helping children to cross the street. But there are things we can do in our towns and communities to help prevent tragic events like these, and in turn keep our children safer.

Cities, towns, and other employers of crossing guards should:

  • ensure that crosswalks and school crossing signs are well-located and visible.
  • provide crossing guards with adequate personal protective equipment, such as reflective gear for all types of weather, as well as annual training for both new and seasoned employees

Drivers should:

  • use caution on local roads
  • look out for crosswalks, school crossing signs, and reflective vests and stop paddles used by crossing guards

Finally, community members who see a situation in which a crossing guard may be exposed to traffic dangers should let the local police or school department know about it.

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Remember, taking action to keep crossing guards safer also helps to protect our children!

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health .