photo of pedestrians in city

DPH Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett encourages Massachusetts workplaces to register for the 2014 Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge, an annual competition to inspire workers to use more environmentally friendly and healthier modes of transportation during their daily commute.

Walk Ride Day is an innovative way for people to explore commuting alternatives that can provide real benefits for their own health and for the overall health of the community. Any chance that we have to go car-free is an opportunity to get more exercise, while reducing the impact of automobile emissions on the environment.

The Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge is organized by the Green Streets Initiative, a community organization dedicated to championing sustainable, active transportation in greater Boston and beyond. Since 2006, Green Streets has promoted Walk/Ride Days, encouraging area commuters to walk, bike, or take public transit instead of driving to work on the last Friday of every month.

In the Corporate Challenge, workplaces vie to have the most employees participate in the monthly Walk/Ride Days. Over a period of seven months, workers report their modes of transportation on a Green Streets Initiative website. Contest organizers randomly select employees from each month’s winning organization to receive raffle prizes. Hundreds of Walk/Ride Day Retail Partners throughout the region offer freebies, discounts, and other incentives to participants.

DPH has participated in the Corporate Challenge since its inception, and supports Walk/Ride Day events as examples of community-based efforts that encourage people to make healthier choices for a more active lifestyle. Walk/Ride Days dovetail with the mission of Mass in Motion, a statewide initiative to prevent obesity in Massachusetts by increasing opportunities for healthy eating and active living in the places we live, learn, work, and play.

The 2014 Work/Ride Day Corporate Challenge begins in April 25 and runs through the end of October. If your workplace is interested in joining the Challenge, visit the Green Streets Initiative’s enrollment website.

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.