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Falls from heights are the leading cause of construction worker deaths both nationwide and here in the Commonwealth.

Of the fatal falls to construction workers in Massachusetts, more than half occur on residential construction sites.

Yet, most falls can be prevented when contractors take the following steps:

  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely
  • Provide the right equipment to workers
  • Train everyone on how to use the equipment correctly

This year, to help prevent falls that can cause serious injury or death, the Department of Public Health’s Massachusetts Fatality Assessment & Control Evaluation Project MA FACE has launched the Massachusetts Campaign to Prevent Falls in Residential Construction.

Through , and a series of widely disseminated fall prevention brochures on

the campaign aims to provide small contractors with the training and resources needed to perform jobs safely from heights. It also aims to increase general public awareness through campaign ads on roadside digital billboards and on regional public transit statewide.

The Massachusetts initiative was developed alongside the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction, and is a joint effort between MA FACE, the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards, and MA FACE’s Preventing Falls in Residential Construction Workgroup, a committee of government, labor, insurance, industry, community and academic stakeholders.

For more information on fall prevention training or concerns, please contact OSHA’s Region 1 Office.

To learn more about work-related injury and fatality prevention for all workers, please visit the Occupational Health Surveillance Program .