Commission Member Expectations

As a member of the Autism Commission appointed by the Governor, there is an expectation that all Commissioners will engage in the task of investigating current services and supports that are available in the Commonwealth for individuals on the autism spectrum and determine if there are any gaps in these services.

Commissioners will serve as a resource to the working groups, providing background information, clarification of issues and/or direction as needed. Commissioners will consider the recommendations of the subcommittees and determine the final recommendations that will be the foundation of the report to the Legislature. Consensus decision making will be the preferred approach for Commission proceedings.

Policies Governing the Proceedings of the Commission and Subcommittees:

  1. All meetings are subject to the Open Meeting Laws
  2. Notes will be kept for each meeting by the Chair or an appointee of the Chair
  3. Meetings, agenda, minutes, roll calls and recommendations shall be posted on the Autism Commission website by submitting reports to the staff of the Commission
  4. Consensus decision making will be the preferred approach
  5. Commissioners will serve as resources to the subcommittees

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