CANS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting on to the Virtual Gateway (VG)

To access the CANS Application on the VG:

  • You must have an account with the VG.
  • You must be CANS certified.

You can complete your CANS training and certification online. Go to the Mass CANS Training Program website:

The link below will provide the information you need to become a Virtual Gateway User:

Becoming a Virtual Gateway User

Virtual Gateway: Updated Login and Manage My Account Pages

This document shows you how to log in and how to manage your account on the Virtual Gateway. (PDF) pdf format of virtual_gateway-updated-login-manage-my-account-1-
rtf format of                             virtual_gateway-updated-login-manage-my-account-1-

Reference Guides for CANS Users

  • Information on the CANS 2.1. Release (PDF) pdf format of cans-technology-buzz-aug2010.pdf
txt format of                             cans-technology-buzz-aug2010.txt

    Excerpted from the August 2010 edition of CANSNews, this document provides information on the features and enhancements announced in the winter 2010, release of the CANS application.

Online Tutorials

CANS Newsletter Archive


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