Based upon the experience of implementing standardized screening statewide in other states, there are several Web-based resources that can help with the implementation process.

  1. A Screening Implementation Worksheet created by the ABCD project (funded by the Commonwealth Fund). This worksheet poses questions designed to help create an effective and efficient screening process. The questions ask for identification of who will be responsible for each step of the process, and what processes and procedures will be used.

    Screening Implementation Worksheet created by the ABCD (PDF) pdf format of    bh-screening-implementation-wksht-dbpeds-2007.pdf  txt format of bh-screening-implementation-wksht-dbpeds-2007.txt

  2. Developmental Screening Toolkit, Children's Hospital, Boston MA. This interactive and user-friendly Web site provides information to PCPs on how to implement effective validated screening processes.

    Developmental Screening Toolkit

  3. A Practical Guide to Healthy Development created by the Commonwealth Fund. The site contains materials and tools for PCPs and includes several modules for improved office systems. Module 2, Developmental Screening and Surveillance, helps PCPs incorporate standardized screening tools into their office practice. Included are: a Sample Schedule, an Improvement Checklist, and Integrating Developmental Screening Worksheet.

    Materials from the Commonwealth Fund

    The Commonwealth Fund also provides information on psychosocial screening in primary care.

    Commonwealth Fund Information

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