The following list of standardized behavioral-health screening tools is currently approved by MassHealth for use during EPSDT/PPHSD visits. While MassHealth makes every effort to be sure that the list is up to date, providers should check Appendix W of their MassHealth provider manual for the official list of approved behavioral-health screening tools.

Select the tool name below (e.g., ASQ:SE) for a more detailed description of the tool, the number of items in the questionnaire, the estimated time to complete the form, an overview of scoring, and the threshold for identifying risk. Publishers may have their screening tools translated in additional languages not listed here.


Screening ToolFull NameAge GroupAdministered ByCostLink
ASQ:SEAges and Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional6 thru 60 monthsParentYes. Refer to website for
BITSEABrief Infant - Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment12 to 36 monthsParentYes. Refer to website for
CRAFFT (Screen for substance abuse)Car, Relax, Alone, Forget, Friends, Trouble; (Screening for substance abuse)14 to 21
ECSAEarly Childhood Screening Assessment18-60
M-CHAT (Screening for Autism Disorders)Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers16 to 30
M-CHAT (Revised with Follow-up)Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers Revised with Follow-up16 to 30
PEDSParents’ Evaluation of Developmental StatusBirth to 8 yearsParentYes. Refer to website for
PHQ-9 (Screen for depression)Patient Health Questionnaire-9; (Screening for depression)13+
PSCPediatric Symptom Checklist4 to 16
PSC-YPediatric Symptom Checklist – Youth Report11 to 18 +
SDQStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaire3 thru 16
SWYCSurvey of Wellbeing of Young Children0 thru 60

Download the chart of MassHealth-Approved Standardized Behavioral Health Screening Tools for Children Under the Age of 21 pdf format of MH Approved  Behavioral Health Screening Tools
doc format of MH Approved  Behavioral Health Screening Tools