MassHealth requires all primary-care providers (PCPs) of MassHealth patients (birth to 21 years) to offer standardized behavioral-health screening as part of periodic and medically necessary interperiodic EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment) or PPHSD (Preventive Pediatric, Health-Care Screening and Diagnosis) screens according to the EPSDT Services Medical Protocol and Periodicity Schedule (Appendix W of all MassHealth provider manuals). These screens require that PCPs choose a clinically appropriate behavioral-health screening tool from a menu of approved standardized tools when conducting a behavioral-health screen at each periodic or interperiodic visit.

This Web site is designed to help PCPs:
  • understand the requirement;
  • gain familiarity with the approved standardized behavioral-health screening tools;
  • implement the use of behavioral-health screening tools in their practices; and
  • know what to do when a behavioral-health need is identified.

This information is provided by MassHealth.