Brief Infant-Toddler Social & Emotional Assessment

This is a screen for social-emotional development and competencies for children from 12 to 36 months.

There is one form for all age groups. There is also a child-care provider form to look at behavior in that setting.

Parents complete the 42-item form, which can be completed onsite or in the family environment. There are also two additional questions that ask parents or caregivers "how worried" they are about the child's behavior, emotions, and relationships, as well as language development. The questionnaire can be completed in seven to 10 minutes. The content is written at the sixth-grade reading level.

Overview of scoring. The response categories are: "Not true/Rarely", "Somewhat true/Sometimes", and "Very true/Often", and are scored 0, 1, and 2 respectively. The threshold for identifying at-risk children varies by age. Scoring will indicate either a possible problem or a possible deficit/delay in competencies. Please consult the manual for scoring instructions.

The initial cost is $105.00 for the kit (as of 08/12/2009). which includes the manual, 25 parent forms, and 25 child-care provider forms. Additional forms must be purchased. Forms are available in both English and Spanish.

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