Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status

This is a screen for the behavioral and developmental status of children birth to eight years.

There is one form for use with all ages. It consists of 10 questions about specific concerns. The form can be completed by parents in about five minutes and takes a brief time for staff to score. The form is written at the fourth-to-fifth-grade reading level. It can also be completed online by parents.

Overview of scoring. The response categories are: "No," "Yes," or "A little," to specific concerns. The form also provides space for comments. The Score Form tallies concerns (categorized as predictive or non-predictive) in a grid by age and by developmental area. Since it lists multiple ages, it serves as a longitudinal record, similar to a growth curve. Shading indicates predictive concerns, which allows for easy scoring and interpretation. There is also an Interpretation Form, in the form of a decision tree, which guides the provider regarding next steps, based on identified concerns. Please consult the manual for scoring instructions.


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