Next Olmstead Planning Committee Meeting
Monday, July 10, 2017
2:00-4:00 PM
One Ashburton Place
21st Floor


  1. Welcome and Introductions  (Roberta Rubin and Linn Torto, Olmstead Planning Committee Co-Chairs)
    1. Members asked to provide their name, organization, area of experience/expertise
    2. Technical Assistance Collaborative and consultants’ role (Sherry and Lisa)
  2. Background on Commonwealth’s Goal of Updating the 2008 Community First Olmstead Plan
    1. State’s goals (Roberta and Linn) and timeline
    2. Brief background on Olmstead and planning process including review of four opportunities for stakeholder input (Sherry and Lisa)
  3. Role of the Olmstead Planning Advisory Council (Sherry and Lisa)
  1. Providing relevant factual background, data, and opinions (including representing other interested stakeholders) relating to the development of an updated Olmstead Plan
  2. Reviewing and suggesting edits to the content of draft Olmstead plans
  3. Identifying gaps and challenges in draft plans, and providing recommendations
  1. Review and Prioritize Stakeholder Responses and Gather Further Input on Questions re: Housing and Services System Strengths, Needs, Perceived Barriers and Priorities to Address
  2. Next meeting