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    • photo of mother in wheelchair speaking with daughter

      Community First

      Empowering and supporting elders and individuals with disabilities to live with dignity and independence in the community.

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    • photo of kids raising their hand in a classroom

      Ensuring Children are Ready to Learn

      Coordinating services across state government and with families to be more responsive to the diverse needs of children.

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      Safe Communities

      Offering programs to promote positive youth development and prevent domestic violence and child abuse.

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      Providing person-centered supports and services that allow individuals to contribute to their own financial stability and quality of life.

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      Health Care Access, Quality and Affordability

      Leading efforts to improve wellness and the quality of care for Massachusetts residents.

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  • Performance Report

    The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) has designed a performance management system that ensures alignment among goals outlined by the Governor, our Secretariat and our individual agencies’ missions, priorities, and strategic goals.  In doing so, we have created a logical framework for the broad range of work we do and how it supports shared goals at all levels of government.  The EOHHS 2012-2015 Strategic Plan was the result of a collaborative process in which EOHHS leadership outlined our vision, mission, goals and key strategies to achieve our shared objectives.  It provided the basis for the dashboards we use on a regular basis to measure progress towards our shared goals.  In the FY2014 edition of our Secretariat’s performance report, we outline our key achievements and describe key measures of our success. Learn more >>

  • Health and Human Services Strategic Plan

    The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) is the largest Commonwealth secretariat. Our work touches the lives of all Massachusetts residents. From promoting access to quality health care to expanding community living opportunities for persons with disabilities and from programs for children to services for the elderly, EOHHS makes Massachusetts a better place to live. Learn more »

  • EOHHS Mission

    EOHHS works to improve quality of life for people of Massachusetts by supporting the safety, health and overall well-being of individuals, families and communities.

  • EOHHS Values

    • Person and Family-Centered
    • Collaboration and Partnership
    • Accountability
    • Stewardship