About the 2014 Performance Report

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) has designed a performance management system that ensures alignment among goals outlined by the Governor, our Secretariat and our individual agencies’ missions, priorities, and strategic goals.  In doing so, we have created a logical framework for the broad range of work we do and how it supports shared goals at all levels of government.  The EOHHS 2012-2015 Strategic Plan was the result of a collaborative process in which EOHHS leadership outlined our vision, mission, goals and key strategies to achieve our shared objectives.  It provided the basis for the dashboards we use on a regular basis to measure progress towards our shared goals.  In this premier edition of our Secretariat’s performance report, we outline our key achievements and describe key measures of our success.

The goals identified in our Strategic Plan were integrated into our existing organizational structure for ongoing management and oversight.  Just as each agency contributed to the development of the Strategic Plan, each agency has contributed to the ongoing review of our goals, initiatives and performance measures.  The EOHHS staff met regularly to discuss our progress, and review course corrections necessary to ensure our goals are being met.  This report includes information gleaned from these ongoing conversations, along with review of individual measures in conjunction with agency representatives.

We are proud of the cross-cluster collaborations that have been made to advance our priorities.  Specific projects developed under our priority of Promoting Health Care Access, Quality and Affordability, such as Money Follows the Person and the One Care program, engaged multiple agencies in creating sustainable responses to improve integrated health care for residents of the Commonwealth.  Similarly, Caring Together has involved the collaboration of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Mental Health (DMH) in the procurement of residential services for youth.  These efforts are just some examples of how we have improved our delivery model for the betterment of services for individuals and families.

Across each of our five priorities, we have made significant achievements toward the realization of our vision of secure, safe and healthy individuals, children, families, and communities in the Commonwealth. However, our work is not complete.  We remain committed to the advancement of these priorities and goals and as such, will continue to monitor our performance.  In creating this Performance Report, EOHHS staff and leadership are pleased to share performance measures that are representative of the breadth of work at each of our fifteen agencies. Our goal is to illustrate how the work done on behalf of the Commonwealth is guided by the strategic priorities identified in 2012. This has required some refinements of goals, initiatives and measures included in the Strategic Plan. It is our belief that what is presented here is demonstrative of the work towards achieving strategic goals.  This streamlined reporting makes for a clear narrative and increased transparency.  Additional questions about this report or performance management at EHS can be directed to EHSResultsUnit@state.ma.us.

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This information is from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.