EOHHS and its departments provide services to more than 1.5 million residents of the Commonwealth. We operate our programs as effectively and efficiently as possible, making the most of every taxpayer dollar with which we are entrusted. This means developing continual program quality and review procedures, incorporating national best practices in our programs and, most importantly, focusing relentlessly on the results achieved by the dollars invested in human services.

Programmatic excellence must be supported by effective administration. For example, we seek to maximize our impact by reducing administrative overhead, building a diverse and high-performing workforce, and coordinating operational functions across agencies. We hold ourselves accountable for the results we deliver by measuring and reporting on our performance to the public. Developing shared solutions, fostering collaboration across our agencies, and ensuring we optimize our talent and resources to achieve our goals continue to be key elements of our success.

Below are key administrative areas of focus within EOHHS that have been identified as critical to supporting the execution of our strategic plan and our continual efforts to maximize taxpayer dollars:

  1. Compliance and Program Integrity
  2. Facilities (Re)design and Planning
  3. Shared Technology Solutions
  4. Workforce Planning
  5. Accessibility
  6. Disaster Readiness and Recovery Planning
  7. Procurement and Purchasing Optimization
Image chart of EOHHS Program vs Administrative Spending

This information is from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.