Access to employment opportunities is vital to self-sufficiency, which is a core goal we hold for all of the individuals we serve. Many agencies at EOHHS provide employment-related services to more than 25,000 people annually. We work closely with people with disabilities, refugees and immigrants, individuals with mental illness, veterans, and low-income people to help them obtain meaningful employment opportunities in community-based settings.

With person-centered supports and services, the individuals we serve contribute to their own financial stability and quality of life. In addition to helping to create meaningful, long-lasting opportunities for people, EOHHS' employment services also strengthen the Commonwealth's diverse workforce.

Strategic goals supporting Self-Sufficiency

Goal 1: Provide innovative person-centered services focused on consumer choice and self-determination

Goal 2: Increase accessible and varied job development, job creation and support opportunities for people with disabilities in competitive and integrated settings

Goal 3: Promote skill development for youth with disabilities in preparation for a productive adult life

Goal 4: Ensure the availability of physical and communication access for individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth

Goal 5: Maximize opportunities for veterans to move toward self-sufficiency through employment, education and/or job training

Goal 6: Expand income and financial support opportunities for all elders in the Commonwealth including employment, benefits eligibility and personal planning opportunities

This information is from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.