Tracking Progress (EHS Results)

EOHHS launched EHSResults in 2007 to foster transparency, accountability, and cross-agency collaboration through-out the Secretariat. EHSResults is building a foundation for performance management at EOHHS by reinforcing strategic goals and providing performance information for better internal decision making.

Through EHSResults, EOHHS is:

Focused on results — Our commitment is to improve outcomes for individuals by delivering services that positively impact their health and well-being.

Accountable to residents of the Commonwealth — We hold ourselves accountable as an organization by tracking and reporting on outcomes across EOHHS.

Fostering collaboration and partnership across government — In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the individuals we serve and to optimally meet the needs of the whole person or family, our agencies must view their outcomes in the context of the outcomes being delivered in other agencies and/or life domains – EHSResults helps us to look across all of our agencies and partner together in our efforts to maximize outcomes for those we serve.

A responsible steward of taxpayer dollars — We value the importance of our role in the lives of residents, and we are mindful about spending taxpayer resources wisely and effectively.

How Do We Track Our Results?

EHSResults uses internal performance dashboards to evaluate a large amount of current and historical performance information, and report on progress toward our strategic goals. We set targets and continually strive to improve not only the effectiveness of our programs, but the efficiency of our internal operations.

How Do We Use Our Results?

EHSResults delivers performance information that enables EOHHS to take action, improve programs, and make informed decisions about policies, strategies, and operations.

We also:

  • Promote a culture of accountability and transparency by sharing performance information across the 15 EOHHS agencies and with EOHHS leadership
  • Evaluate EOHHS’ performance relative to other states to understand how/where we can improve results for residents
  • Foster cross-agency collaboration
  • Support budgetary decisions

This information is provided by the the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.