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The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) has made these documents and resources available to application developers currently working with, or proposing to work with EOHHS. They are meant to serve as a guide to developers when navigating through the visual and technical standards required by the Commonwealth.

Project Methodology and Lifecycle Guide
This guide is owned and managed by the IT PMO. It is designed to provide viewers with an understanding of the Information Technology System Development Lifecycle and Methodology and supporting project management tools. Included are how to instructions for submitting new IT Project Requests, project reviews and code drop deployments; and lists key Shared Services contacts to ensure you get off to great start. Please email your questions concerning this guide or to request additional information to the PMO at

EOHHS Applications Look and Feel Standards and Template
Contact the PMO at for the latest version.

Website requirements and policies  
Includes information on required policies and what elements are needed for Executive Departments looking to build or revamp their websites.

EOHHS Portal - Audio, Video, and Multimedia


Enterprise Web Accessibility Standards. Version 2.0
The revised Web Accessibility Standards encompass the minimum requirements needed for a state agency to ensure accessibility of its web site under all the relevant accessibility laws and World Wide Web consortium guidelines. All Executive Department web pages developed subsequent to the published date of these standards must incorporate these minimum requirements into their design.

Information Technology Architecture
This document provides guidance on the standards, technologies, and tools at the secretariat level, to be used in the Health and Human Service (HHS) computing environment. It also provides guidelines for application architecture for ensuring that individual projects conform to the overall architectural vision for HHS and is based on a blueprint for smart, standard, open, service-oriented services. This document is intended to be used enterprise-wide within HHS by which new initiatives leverage the new architecture, process, and organization, ensuring that every initiative across the enterprise achieves consistently high quality.

This information is provided by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.