Mission Statement:

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services has convened the HealthyMass Performance Measurement Alignment Task Force to improve the value (quality and cost) of health care delivery in Massachusetts. With broad representation from stakeholders, the Performance Measurement Alignment Task Force offers the opportunity to simplify reporting for providers and amplify the impact of incentives on outcomes through the alignment of measures.


Advancing a shared agenda for quality and value improvement by avoiding duplicative or even contradictory reporting requirements - referred to here as Performance Measurement Alignment - will reduce administrative complexity, enhance the credibility of clinical performance measures and minimize confusion among consumers. For selected measures, hospitals, physicians and other providers should report data one time, to one place, following a single set of measure specifications that are widely accepted as valid and reliable indicators of the quality and safety of care. The number of measures should be expanded at a pace that is compatible with the capacity of providers to absorb the information and apply it to improving the quality of care.


The Task Force surveyed activities in other states and convened discussions with Massachusetts stakeholders. A Request for Information (RFI) was issued, and five responses were received in January 2009. The responses have been evaluated, and they will help inform the potential issuance of a Request for Response (RFR) to implement this initiative.

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