Car Ownership Programs

If you need a car but have trouble affording the cost or have low credit, you may be eligible for assistance from a program:

  • Good News Garage – provides refurbished, donated vehicles to eligible Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission consumers who otherwise could not afford to purchase their own. This program is run through a partnership between the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and Lutheran Social Services. Also accepts donations of vehicles.
  • More Than Wheels – helps people in New England get the best deal on a reliable and fuel-efficient car by negotiating with dealers to secure the lowest price, working with banks to provide the lowest interest rate available, and offering personal financial education. The program also offers temporary cars to program participants who need a car to maintain employment while purchasing their own vehicle. More Than Wheels also accepts vehicle donations.
  • For general information about car loans and car ownership programs, visit Working Cars for Working Families.


Carsharing is an option for people who need to drive sometimes, but not regularly enough to justify owning a car. Carshare members can rent cars by the hour or by the day. Carsharing companies operating in Massachusetts include:

Driver Training

Find a Ride


This information is provided by the EOHHS Human Service Transportation Office