travel instruction tools

Travel instructors teach individuals with disabilities, seniors, and others how to use public transportation independently to access their environment and community. Some individuals may only need a brief overview of the system, while others need intensive one-on-one help to practice crossing the street, paying the fare, interacting with other passengers, and recognizing landmarks successfully.

Across Massachusetts, many transit authorities and human service agencies are offering travel instruction. Learn more about travel instruction, or find a program near you on our interactive map or list of programs.

As pictured above, travel instructors across Massachusetts have developed tools that they use to help riders learn their routes. For example, the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority’s travel trainers hand out wristwatches to help riders avoid missing the bus, as well as reflective armbands to keep riders safe at night. A travel trainer for the MBTA created a tactile system map for riders with visual impairments.

The Massachusetts Travel Instruction Network is an informal network for travel trainers to share successful strategies with their peers and get advice on challenges. If you offer travel training or are developing a travel instruction program, contact us at to join the network.