Programs may choose to provide their own training if they certify that all employees have received alternative training that covers the minimum EOHHS required training elements, including:

  • Definitions of Human Service Worker, Workplace and Workplace Violence
  • Importance of Human Service Worker safety education
  • Risk assessment techniques
  • De-escalation strategies
  • Connections between actions and reactions
  • Pertinent laws and regulations
  • Identification of additional resources on human worker safety

Steps to Certify an Alternative Safety Training

  1. Complete the certification form pdf format of Certification Form
docx format of                             Certification Form
  2. Return completed form to:
    Director, Employee Safety and Health
    600 Washington Street, 7th Floor
    Boston, MA 02111

Programs may have several safety trainings designed for different staff in their organization.   As part of compliance efforts, programs must keep a list of attendance at each training and ensure that all staff attend the appropriate training within the established timelines.  EOHHS has the authority to audit any program to request training records to ensure compliance with safety training.

Contact Denise Attwood at 617-348-5077 or with questions if you need assistance.

This information is from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.