• Training on ways to counteract Implicit Bias in the professional sphere
  • Objective Screening tools – RAI, MASTLE, DPI, JPAST, OYAS,YLS-CMI
  • Standardized self-report of data collection on race and ethnicity with all system stakeholders
  • Probation Amnesty days for defaults and misdemeanor offenders, Graduated response tools, Police and Clerk Magistrate Diversion programs, Dually Involved Youth dedicated dockets, Reminder Calls, Specialty Courts
  • DA Diversion programs pre and post-arraignment
  • Evening reporting centers, GPS monitors, Reception Centers, Domestic Violence Diversion Centers, Transportation Vouchers, Court date Reminder Applications,
  • DDAP, Wrap Around, Colloquy Project, Juvenile Resource Centers, Youth Sports Leagues, Gang Mediation, Police Athletic Leagues, School Based Diversion
  • Policy change – Jurisdictional Age- floor and ceiling, Limiting School Based Policing, Court Hours of Operation and Case Processing Time Frames, Defining High risk apart from High Need, Legal Representation for all youth
  • Assess the functioning of our systems, agencies, and organizations through a Racial Equity and Inclusion lens.

The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) in Massachusetts works to ensure that “the right youth, is in the right place, for the right reasons.”

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative.