The PCA Semi-Annual Report is essentially a progress report on quality assurance data and activities. It is required by the PCA regulations at 243 CMR 3.07(3)(g). It is prepared for the health care facility's governing body with a copy submitted to the Quality and Patient Safety Division (QPSD). In response to requests from facilities, the QPSD developed a format for semi-annual reporting.

The PCA Annual Report requires certain specific information to be submitted to the QPSD. This information can be found in the PCA regulations at 243 CMR 3.12(4). There is no form per se for this report.

There is a reporting schedule for both the PCA Semi-Annual and Annual Reports. The schedule calls for reports to be submitted on a staggered basis throughout the calendar year; the specific reporting dates vary by type of health care facility.


This information is provided by the Board of Registration in Medicine.