Prospective and current adoptive families receive information, guidance and support services from The Department of Children and Families and other organizations in the adoption community.

What support is available for adoptive parents?

  • The Department assigns an adoption worker, and in most cases a family resource worker, to provide you with direct service and support.

  • Your adoption worker will visit your home at least once a month to help your family recognize and understand adjustment issues that may arise. These visits will continue until the court finalizes the adoption.

  • After the adoption is legalized, the Department offers post-adoptive support services.

  • Your adopted child may be eligible for an adoption subsidy benefit(s). The Department of Children and Families will work with you to ensure each child with special needs receives appropriate support. The subsidy benefit(s) is based upon a child's special needs. The amount of subsidy benefit(s) is not related to your family's income.

Guide for Foster Parents and Adoptive Parents

This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.