• Linda S. Spears, Commissioner
  • Lian Hogan, Deputy Commissioner, Field Operations
  • Paola Ferrer, Chief of Staff
  • Ryan Fitzgerald, Chief of Operations and Organizational Improvement
  • David O'Callaghan, Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert Brennan, Chief Information Officer
  • Andrew Rome, General Counsel
  • Ruben Ferreira, Assistant Commissioner, Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Kathy Lopes, Assistant Commissioner for Foster Care, Adoption and Adolescent Services
  • Andrea Grossman, Director of Public Affairs
  • Leah Robins, Legislative Director
  • Susan Cummings, Ombudsman
  • Sharon Silvia, Director of Adoption
  • Joy Cochran, Foster Care Support
  • Maureen Fallon-Messeder, Adolescent Services
  • Miriam Vazquez, Accounting/Bill Paying
  • Ros Walter, Data

To contact any of the individuals above, please call the Central Office of the Department of Children and Families at (617) 748-2000, or, write to them at the following address:

Department of Children and Families
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

For any comments or questions, please email the Commissioner at: dcfcommissioner@state.ma.us.

This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.