There are a number of ways to help children in foster care. These options work well for people who sincerely want to help our children, but are not able to make the time commitment for longer term care.

No matter what kind of commitment you can make, your time and energy will help a child in need.

Emergency (Hotline) Foster Parents

As an Emergency or Hotline foster parent, you provide emergency placement for a child who must be removed from a home immediately. You commit to caring for a child from one to three days, pending the child's placement in a foster home.

Respite Parents

There is also a need for Respite homes. These are homes that provide current foster parents with time off from full-time foster parenting. Respite foster care involves as little as a 10-day commitment each year.

All Hotline and Respite foster parents are trained and receive stipends for providing care and will have the support of a professional team of social workers and foster parents who are available to assist them.

Anyone interested in helping children in their community without making a long-term commitment, should call the Department of Social Services at 1-800-KIDS-508.

This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.