The DCF Kids Fund serves as a support system for abused and neglected children in the care of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. The goal of the DCF Kids Fund is to provide basic necessities and enrichment opportunities to the 40,000 plus children served by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (8,000 children in foster care, 2,000 children in residential care and over 30,000 children living with their families who are receiving DCF services).

The DCF Kids Fund relies on fundraisers including the Annual Rodman Ride For Kids Event and Annual DCF Kids Fund Golf Tournament along with ongoing donations from corporations, foundations, individuals, businesses and the community to maintain and expand our vital programs that are so beneficial to the children's growth and development. We hope you will join with us to give our Commonwealth's most at-risk children a better today and brighter tomorrow.

Kids Fund Programs

The DCF Kids Fund depends upon the support of both private and public sector donors, as well as those concerned citizens who want to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children. The DCF Kids Fund is a 501c3 entity; 98 percent of your donation goes to helping the children. When a teen needs sports equipment to be able to join classmates in athletics or a child needs someone to sponsor her singing lessons, your donation can make it happen!

Enrichment and Education Initiative

Donations fund sports, music, dance, art, SAT college preparatory and after school programs for foster children and youth, vital activities to build confidence and broaden horizons.

Holiday Gift Drive

Your contributions of gifts and funds will ensure that every single child in DCF care has a special and memorable holiday season.

Emergency Placement Project

Many of the 8,000 children who enter foster care each year often come to us hungry, without adequate clothing, and in need of a bath. Your donations provide every child entering care with necessary items such as infant formula, clothing, toiletries, diapers, toys, duffel bags, backpacks and meals to make the transition to foster care as comfortable as possible.

Summer Camp

You can help to send children to either day or overnight camp. The formative experience of attending camp aids in a child's development and provides memories that last a lifetime.

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This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.