The Health and Medical Services Team (HMST) is comprised of the Central Office staff that includes the Director of Medical Services, a part time registered nurse and a full time Medical Social Worker; one Regional Nurse for each of the four DCF regions who are located at the DCF Regional Offices and two DCF Childrens Hospital Nurse Liaisons located at Childrens Hospital. The DCF HMST is a multidisciplinary team that supports the medical and healthcare needs of children in DCF care and custody and provides assistance and consultation to DCF staff, parents and substitute caretakers.

The HMST is responsible for the following:

  • Assessing the healthcare needs of children in DCF care or custody and recommending appropriate care and placement;

  • Working with healthcare providers to ensure that each child receives a medical screening examination within 7 days of placement or custody and a comprehensive medical examination within 30 days of placement or custody;

  • Assisting medical providers with accessing medical history information about children in care or custody;

  • Collaborating with the childrens' healthcare team and DCF staff to ensure that children receive all necessary primary and specialty care in the most appropriate setting;

  • Providing information, resources and advocacy to DCF staff, foster parents and adoptive parents;

  • Working directly with hospital discharge planning staff and making recommendations about appropriate discharge plans for children;

  • Creating and revising healthcare-related policies;

  • Assisting DCF staff with questions regarding MassHealth and other insurance plans;

  • Assessing proposals to discontinue or forgo life sustaining medical treatment and makes recommendations;

  • Consulting with DCF staff regarding consents for medical treatment; and

  • Advising DCF staff on general medical questions, such as interpreting medical documentation, managing children with chronic and communicable diseases and information about community-based resources.

This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.