Research Review Committee


The Department is authorized by M.G.L. c19B, §§ 1, 14 and 18 and M.G.L. c123B, §2 to regulate research activities concerning intellectual disability or involving individuals with intellectual disabilities conducted in the Commonwealth.  115 CMR 10.00 also is promulgated in conformity with Part 46 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations (45 C.F.R.46).  115 CMR 10.01


  1. The provisions of 115 CMR 10.00 apply to any research, regardless of the source of funding, which meets one or more of the following conditions:
  1. any research activity that will take place at an office of the Department, a facility or a location where the provision of services or supports is purchased or subject to regulation by the Department;
  2. a person receiving services or supports provided or purchased by the Department is a participant, unless the research in no way involves the Department or any provider;
  3. the research involves disclosure by the Department or provider of private information.
  1. No research within the scope of 115 CMR 10.03 may be conducted without the prior review and approval as required by the provisions of 115 CMR 10.00.
  2. No research project may be conducted which has been disapproved or terminated by the facility director, regional director, or head of the provider, as appropriate, or by the Commissioner or the Research Review Committee.  115 CMR 10.03

Members of the Research Review Committee

John C. Geenty Jr., Chairperson

Dr. Norberto Alvarez

Dr. Bradley Crenshaw

Dr. Norman Fredette

Teka Harris

Betsy Johnson

Sharon Oxx


Other Resources


If anyone has any further questions, please call either James Stillerman at 617-624-7813 or Ryan Valente at 617-624-7716.  All filings should be mailed to Research Review Committee, Department of Developmental Services, 500 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA  02118.