Office of the Commissioner

  • Commissioner Monica Bharel, MD, MPH
  • Lindsey Tucker, Associate Commissioner
  • Eileen M. Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jennifer Barrelle, Acting Chief of Staff

Policy and Regulatory Affairs

  • Vacant, Director
  • Torey McNamara, Assistant Director

Government Affairs

  • Tim Miley, Director
  • Tom Mangan, Deputy Director


  • Tom Lyons, Director
  • Ann Scales, Media Relations Manager
  • Omar Cabrera, Manager of Ethnic Media and Community Outreach
  • John Jacob, Director of Editorial Services and Digital Media
  • Shaye Erimez, Graphic Designer

Determination of Need

  • Nora Mann, Director

Performance Management and Quality Improvement

  • Antonia Blinn, Director
  • Paul Oppedisano, Accreditation Coordinator

Problem Gambling

  • Victor Ortiz, Director of Problem Gambling Services

Office Support and Scheduling

  • Renee Walsh, Office Manager and Assistant to the Commissioner
  • Rebecca White, Executive Assistant to the Associate Commissioner
  • Christina McSheffery, Executive Assistant to the COO/HR Project Coordinator
  • Michelle Petrigno, Office Support Specialist
  • Shameakia Casey, Office Support Specialist


  • Ed Dyke, Director of Grants and Development
  • Kyle Marshall, Director of Facilities and Support Services
  • Curtis Jackson, Facilities Coordinator/Personnel Liaison
  • Catrice Williams, Facilities Coordinator
  • Dave Thompson, Telecommunications and Vehicle Coordinator
  • Beth Rabasco, HR Liaison
  • Lisa Swanson, Director of Training and Staff Development
  • John Delaney, Workplace Investigations Manager
  • Kathy Creed, HR Projects Coordinator

Senior Leadership


  • Kevin Cranston, Assistant Commissioner and Director of Bureau of Infectious Diseases and Laboratory Science (BIDLS)
  • Dr. Sandra Smole, Director of State Public Health Laboratory, BIDLS
  • Dr. Al DeMaria, State Epidemiologist and Medical Director of BIDLS
  • Carlene Pavlos, Director of Bureau of Community Health and Prevention (BCHAP)
  • Jan Sullivan, Acting Director of Bureau of Environmental Health (BEH)
  • Ron Benham, Director of Bureau of Family Health & Nutrition (BFHN)
  • Eric Sheehan, Director of Health Care Safety and Quality (BHCSQ)
  • James Lavery, Director of Health Professions Licensure (BPHL)
  • Allison Bauer, Director of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS)

Bureau of Public Health Hospitals

  • Brian Devin, Interim Lead CEO and CEO of Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children
  • Joel Skolnick, CEO of Shattuck Hospital
  • Debra Tosti, CEO of Tewksbury Hospital
  • Val Liptak, CEO of Western MA Hospital
  • Don Rogers, Chief of Pharmacy Services at the State Office of Pharmacy Services


  • Natalie Nguyen Durham, Interim Director of Office of Data Management and Outcomes Assessment
  • Rodrigo Monterrey, Acting Director of Office of Health Equity
  • Ron O’Connor, Director of Office of Local and Regional Health
  • Kerin Milesky, Acting Director of Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management
  • Dean DiMartino, Acting Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics

Office of General Counsel

  • Margret Cooke, General Counsel
  • Elizabeth Scurria Morgan, First Deputy General Counselor

Office of Chief Financial Officer

  • Kelly Driscoll, Chief Financial Officer
  • Cullen Roberts, Budget Director
  • Judy Maisch, Deputy Budget Director
  • Ian Roberts Clarke, Internal Compliance Officer
  • Sharon Dyer, Director of Purchase of Service (Chief Procurement Officer)
  • Lourdes Ordinola, Director of Accounting

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.