Community Health Networks are committed to continuous improvement of health.

Each of the Community Health Networks collaboratively identifies local and regional health priorities, designs community-based prevention plans, and track success in achieving healthier communities. CHNAs develop new health improvement projects as initial projects are completed.

Community Health Networks may be guided in selecting health improvement projects by using the following approach:

  • Review the CHNA vision: healthier people in healthier communities in Massachusetts through community-based prevention planning and health promotion
  • Review the CHNA health status indicators and other health and community data
  • Identify, analyze and collectively prioritize health problems in the community. Examples of tools to assist this process include APEX-PH (Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health), PATCH (Planned Approach to Community Health), Together We Can, and Healthy Communities
  • Identify current resources
  • Design strategies and develop an action plan to reduce leading health disparities
  • Establish a set of measurable outcomes to evaluate progress towards improved health
  • Work together to implement the action
  • Evaluate outcomes
  • Go on to the next health issue

While each Community Health Network may have a different design and composition, all Networks function as frameworks for the development of partnerships that enhance cooperation in developing a preventive, primary care health model in each community.

This information is provided by the Office of Healthy Communities within the Department of Public Health. .