• Welcome to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Regional Health Office (RHO) web pages. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) uses a regional structure to administer programs and services. There are six EOHHS geographic regions which include the 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth.

    DPH Priorities

    • Promote quality and cost containment in health care reform;
    • Eliminate racial and ethnic disparities;
    • Manage chronic disease and promote wellness in the workplace, school, community, and home;
    • Reduce and prevent youth violence;
    • Build public health capacity at the local and state levels.

    An important component in meeting these priorities is to strengthen partnerships and coordination at the local and regional level. DPH staff from several programs including Substance Abuse Services, Community Health and Prevention, and Maternal and Child Health work in the five DPH Regional Health Offices. These staff serve as liaisons between the Department's central office programs and resources, programs and services at the local level. Program staff at the Regional Health Offices maintain partnerships with local boards of health and a wide range of community-based health and human services organizations that form the regional public health system.

    DPH Regional Health Office Priorities

    • Help implement DPH strategic priorities at the local and regional levels;
    • Improve communication with and support for municipal health officials;
    • Improve coordination among various DPH programs operating at the regional level;
    • Help people navigate the complex array of DPH services and resources;
    • Help coordinate response to local public health emergencies in concert with appropriate bureaus; and
    • Strengthen the organized constituency for public health through education and cooperation with multiple stakeholders

    Regional Directors

    Each Regional Office is staffed by a Regional Director who provides leadership in connecting the programs, initiatives and services within the Department as well as external programs when appropriate. Working within the Office of Local and Regional Health, the Regional Directors assist local health officials, partnerships, and organizations within their region in identifying, communicating and addressing existing and emerging public health needs and trends. The Regional Directors report through the Office of Local and Regional Health to Associate Commissioner Suzanne Condon. In order to promote the administration's public health goals, Regional Directors are responsible for planning and coordinating:

    • regional office activities to support DPH priorities;
    • staff communication across Bureaus at the regional level;
    • regional administrative operations; and
    • communications involving municipal health authorities and DPH programs and systems operating at the regional level
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