In order to support local public health and community partners, DPH funds several statewide projects that provide training and technical assistance.

The Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse, a program of the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health, distributes health promotion materials in multiple languages and formats, free of charge, to individuals, health care and social services providers, municipalities, schools, and a wide range of other organizations throughout the Commonwealth.

The Community Health Training Institute provides targeted skills development to individuals and teams building healthy communities in Massachusetts. The Institute customizes their in-person trainings and webinars around core competencies and relevant topics.

The Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts seeks to improve public health and preparedness capabilities and the health of the residents of the Commonwealth by creating, implementing, and sustaining workforce development activities for local public health and other public health system partners.

Interested in contacting a particular Local Board of Health? A directory of Local Boards of Health in Massachusetts can be found on the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards website.

An important function of the Office of Regional and Local Health is to help coordinate information and resources across program areas. The following links are provided to assist in this coordination.

In 2006, the Coalition for Local Public Health commissioned a study of the state's local public health workforce which remains the most comprehensive analysis available about assets and needs of the state's local health infrastructure.

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.