• We operate the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) in Massachusetts. The BRFSS is an annual telephone survey that collects data on emerging public health issues, health conditions, risk factors and behaviors. We collect information on topics that are vital statewide and nationally, such as:

    • racial discrepancies in health and health care
    • trends in chronic diseases, and
    • health risk factors.

    Results are used for health care policy planning, as a guide for developing preventive health interventions, and as an assessment of health status in Massachusetts.

    Contact Information

    Health Survey Program
    Office of Data Management and Outcomes Assessment
    250 Washington Street, 6th Floor
    Boston, MA 02108
    Telephone: (617) 624-6064
    Fax: (617) 624-5631

  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance

  • Massachusetts Youth Health Survey (MYHS)

    HSP will also provide technical assistance and advice, resources permitting, on health survey development: sample design, survey content, field implementation, and analysis.

  • Data Sets

    For researchers requiring a dataset that includes geographical substate data or individual age: You must submit a request through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In order to make our review of your data requests more efficient, we have developed an online application and review process using the web site https://www.irbnet.org.  Please note: your request will not require IRB review.  We are merely using the streamlined, online application features in order to provide you the data more quickly.

    To researchers interested in accessing Massachusetts BRFSS data:

    • De-identified datasets are available upon request. De-identified datasets do not require any paperwork but only an electronic request. Please contact HSP Director contact Maria McKenna at maria.mckenna@state.ma.us for more information..
    • De-identified datasets DO NOT contain sub-state geographical identifiers such as zip codes and town names, but DO contain counties and CHNAs.
    • De-identified datasets DO NOT contain individual age but DO contain 5 year age groups, from age 18 and over.