• BRFSS Overview

    The Health Survey Program operates the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) in Massachusetts. The BRFSS is an annual telephone survey that collects data on emerging public health issues, health conditions, risk factors and behaviors. We collect information on topics that are vital statewide and nationally, such as: racial discrepancies in health and health care, trends in chronic diseases, and health risk factors. Results are used for health care policy planning, as a guide for developing preventive health interventions, and as an assessment of health status in Massachusetts.
  • BRFSS Statewide Reports and Presentations

    This page contains links to annual BRFSS reports and presentations. The presentations are an overview of the information in the BRFSS report and also may highlight specific topics of the BRFSS such as health disparities by Race and Ethnicity.
  • City Reports

    The BRFSS conducts additional interviews in the cities of Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Lawrence, Lowell, New Bedford, and Fall River to obtain estimates of health at the local level. This page contains links to reports that focus on the health of respondents living in many of these cities.
  • Community Health Network Area (CHNA) Reports

    CHNA stands for Community Health Network Areas. CHNAs were established in 1992 by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to encourage locally-based health promotion and disease prevention efforts. These reports use BRFSS data to create a health profile of each CHNA.
  • Methodology

  • Topical Reports and Publications

    BRFSS data is used by other programs within DPH to provide state-specific information about different health conditions. This page contains links to reports that focus on health issues such as alcohol use, disability, diabetes, and intimate partner violence.
  • Landline Surveys

    The BRFSS is an annual self-report survey that focuses upon health topics, and this page contains links to past surveys. The survey consists of a CDC-developed core, optional modules, and questions developed and paid for by Massachusetts programs. Specific health topics covered by the survey in the past have included diabetes, asthma, disability, cancer screening, and drug and alcohol use. This page also contains a link to "WhatWhen," which is the online data dictionary tracking Massachusetts BRFSS questions and the years they were asked.