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Episode 10: 05.06.2010 您有权要求提供急诊翻译 - You Have the Right to an Interpreter.

Use of medial interpreters has been shown to improve patient compliance and satisfaction rates by decreasing missed opportunities caused by language discordance. Medical interpretation is free of charge and made available through either on-site interpreters or via telephone or video connections.

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Episode 7: 09.20.2009 如果家中有人罹患流感該怎麼辦?請預先擬定相應計劃 - Build A Flu Care Kit

Every family should have a flu care kit. Do you wonder what that is? Here is what you should have on hand

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Episode 5: 09.20.2009 咳嗽時掩住口鼻,以防疾病传播 - Cover Your Cough and Stop the Spread of the Flu

When you cough or sneeze millions of little particles of saliva are expelled through your mouth and nose. The germs that make people sick with the flu live in those tiny particles of saliva. Listen to how you can help stop the spread of the flu.

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Episode 4: 09.20.2009 請按我的方法洗手 - Wash Your Hands, Like Me

Try to avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands, given that you can cover them with the germs that make you and others sick. Wash your hands frequently to stay protected.

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This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.

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