CLAS and Request for Responses (RFRs)

Agencies who apply for direct service contracts with DPH complete two CLAS related forms. Direct service contracts include those classified under object codes M03, MM3, and M04. When applying for direct service contracts, please complete the following forms:

Please provide us with an agency and program CLAS contact. There is a list of eight CLAS areas. Using a five-point scale, rate your agency and program progress. Finally, identify one of the eight CLAS areas and tell us how you plan to work on a CLAS specific goal during the contract period. Your agency will not receive points for the content or agency ratings. You will receive points for completing the form.


This form provides us with the racial breakdown of the staff of your agency, and it also provides us with staff information on multi-lingual language capacity and ability status. The diversity of your staff will be evaluated during the response review process and programs may choose to assign points for quality of your response.


This information is provided by the Office of Health Equity within the Department of Public Health.