Getting the Results

In Massachusetts, providers are required to report the findings of a mammogram to you in writing if you have dense breast tissue. Breasts are considered dense if they have more fibrous connective tissue than fatty tissue. Dense breasts can only be seen on a mammogram and radiologists will report one of four (4) levels of breast density on your report:

  • Almost entirely fatty
  • Scattered areas of fibroglandular density
  • Heterogeneously dense
  • Extremely dense

It is normal for some level of dense breast tissue to appear on a mammogram, however having dense breast tissue makes it harder to find breast cancer on a mammogram, which could mask possible indicators that suggest a greater risk that you may develop breast cancer.

If you have dense breasts, talk to your doctor to decide if you need more tests and which ones are right for you.

Additional Information

This information is provided by the Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Network.