The 2012-2016 Massachusetts Cancer Plan is a strategic plan to reduce the cancer burden in our state. All aspects of the cancer continuum are addressed, including prevention, early detection and screening, survivorship, treatment, palliation, and end-of-life care, as well as such cross-cutting issues as advocacy and community engagement, eliminating disparities, research, and surveillance. The Plan’s strategies are intended to direct collective efforts toward specific and measurable objectives that will reduce the cancer burden.

Specific goals of the Plan are as follows. Click each section for further details.

Disparities & Health Equity

  • Reduce the impact of cancer across the Commonwealth while simultaneously eliminating cancer health disparities and promoting health equity in Massachusetts.

Advocacy & Community Engagement

  • Advocate for actions and resources among government, elected officials, and communities as well as providers, insurers, patients, and families to reduce the burden of cancer, particularly where disparities and inequities exist.


  • Create and sustain environments that support the prevention of cancer.
  • Promote behaviors, activities, and policies that reduce the risk of cancer

Early Detection & Screening

  • Ensure screening for those cancers where strong evidence-based guidelines for screening currently exist.
  • Increase informed decision making about cancer screening for cancers for which there is emerging evidence of effectiveness.

Survivorship and Treatment

  • Improve the overall experience and quality of life of all Commonwealth residents who are living with, through, and beyond cancer.
  • Ensure that all Commonwealth residents have equal and timely access to cancer information, treatment, and clinical trials that are based on nationally recognized best-practice standards.

Palliative Care

  • Ensure that Massachusetts residents who have been diagnosed with cancer can access appropriate palliative care as needed throughout course of cancer treatment and after treatment ends.

End-of-Life Care

    • Ensure that all Commonwealth residents have access to quality end-of-life care.

This information is provided by the Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Network.