The Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention supports change that creates and sustains healthy environments where people live, work and play. Healthy environments make it easier for people without chronic disease to lower their risk for developing these conditions and for people with chronic disease to manage them. The Division also works to eliminate health disparities so that all Massachusetts residents reach their full potential to live long and live well.

What the Division is Doing

The Women's Health Network and the provide services that include: case management, patient navigation, medical interpretation, risk factor reduction education, lifestyle intervention and chronic disease self-management. These services are provided through a network of community health centers and healthcare providers. Clients screened for chronic conditions are guided through an individualized care plan, with personalized health education included. Clients are invited to participate in group sessions where they will learn how to live a healthy life with chronic conditions.

The Division provides condition-specific guidelines - or standards of care - to healthcare providers. The Massachusetts Guidelines for Diabetes Care for Adults is produced by the Diabetes Prevention and Control in collaboration with its statewide partners. Pediatric and Adult Asthma Action plans are simple to use tools that help Massachusetts residents with Asthma manage their condition. These guides were produced by the Asthma Prevention and Control Program and its statewide partners.

With a focus on eliminating health disparities, the Division plays a lead role in several quality improvement projects within healthcare centers. The Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Program supports several quality improvement projects in clinical settings across the state. These projects will increase the rates for colorectal cancer screening in at risk populations.

Other quality improvement efforts improve healthcare delivery in the areas of diabetes, hypertension and stroke. The Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control convenes the Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry and the Stroke Collaborative Reaching for Excellence, SCORE, improving the quality of care for acute stroke patients. The Diabetes Prevention and Control  participates in the national Health Resources and Services Administration's Health Disparities Collaborative and the Massachusetts Health Disparities Collaborative.

Through relationships with academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare centers, community-based coalitions, nonprofit organizations, advocacy associations and other government agencies - federal, state and local - the Division promotes health policy, strengthens healthcare systems, delivers quality services and motivates people with chronic disease or at risk for developing a chronic condition to adopt healthier lifestyles.

These are only a few of the activities conducted by the Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Many of the Division's programs design and distribute health education materials. To learn more about what each one of the programs or units within the Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is doing to lower the risk for chronic disease or help those living with a chronic condition manage their health click on the links below.

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