About the Injury Prevention and Control Program

Mission and Strategies

The mission of the Injury Prevention and Control Program (IPCP) is to reduce the rates of injuries at home, at school, in the community, on the road, and at play, and to improve emergency medical services for children. The program covers unintentional injury. We analyze and use data to inform the development of injury prevention policies and programming. Our work involves providing technical expertise to communities, professional groups, and individuals through trainings and health education; disseminating reports and public information materials, and providing leadership to injury prevention coalitions and advisory groups.

Note that intentional injuries are covered by Division of Violence and Injury Prevention .

Brief History

The Injury Prevention and Control Program is one of the oldest and most comprehensive injury prevention programs located within a state health department. Formerly known as the Statewide Comprehensive Injury Prevention Program (SCIPP), the IPCP was established at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in 1979. The IPCP has a longstanding collaborative relationship with many partners including public and private agencies, product manufacturers, the media, policymakers, health care providers, researchers, educators, law enforcement, fire safety personnel, advocates, survivors, private citizens, and other stakeholders.

Injury Data

IPCP uses data from various statewide data sources to understand the incidence as well as risk and protective factors for injury in Massachusetts. Epidemiologists provide technical expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data, produce data bulletins and reports, and present data findings to audiences around the state.

Injury Prevention and Control Topics


This program is part of the Division of Violence and Injury Prevention .

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