EMSC Mission

The mission of the EMS for Children program is to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity caused by severe illness or trauma. EMS for Children aims to ensure that

  • State-of-the-art emergency medical care is available for the ill and injured child or adolescent;
  • pediatric care is well integrated into a state-wide emergency medical service system backed by optimal resources; and
  • the entire spectrum of emergency services, including primary prevention of illness and injury, acute care, and rehabilitation, is provided to children and adolescents as well as adults, no matter where they live, attend school or travel.

Our mission is to ensure that children receive emergency services that are:

  • Appropriate and adequate to their needs
  • Carried out in a coordinated way by well-trained and well-equipped providers at every level of the health care system
  • Fully integrated within the statewide EMS system

EMSC works to develop care models that are family centered and sensitive to the needs of high-risk children, including children with complex medical conditions.

EMSC Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of Massachusetts EMSC is to ensure the delivery of state-of-the art emergency medical services to all children in a coordinated and efficient manner in order to reduce mortality and morbidity resulting from illness or trauma.

Our objectives include:

  • The development of standards in pediatric care and equipment, and the integration of these standards into the greater Massachusetts EMS system
  • Support for training in pediatric care for EMS providers who treat children in order to increase their level of knowledge and skills
  • Guidance for primary care pediatricians and family practice physicians in order to assure that their offices are ready for emergencies
  • Guidelines for pediatric care in hospital emergency departments
  • Guidelines for emergency readiness in Massachusetts schools
  • Assistance to families of children with special health care needs in the development of emergency readiness plans for their children

This information is provided by the Injury Prevention and Control Program within the Department of Public Health.