Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Safety Belt Law (MGL Ch 90, Sec. 13A)


This law requires that any driver or passenger, age 12 and older, wear a seat belt in any motor vehicle, whether in the front or back seat of a car.

Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Law (MGL Ch 90, Sec. 7AA)


  • This law is designed to protect the safety of child passengers under age 12.
  • When riding in motor vehicles, infants and small children must ride in a federally approved child passenger restraint until they are at least 5 years old and weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • Children who weigh more than 40 pounds but are under 5 years old must ride in a booster seat.
  • Children under 8 years old or under 4'9" must use a booster seat.

Massachusetts Graduated Licensing Law (MGL Ch. 90, Section 8)

Massachusetts Bicycle Helmet Safety Law for Minors (MGL Ch. 85, Sec. 11 B)


  • Any child 16 years of age or younger operating or riding as a passenger on bicycle, scooter, in-line skates, skateboard or other manually propelled vehicle on a public way, bike path or on any other public right-of-way must wear an approved helmet.


  • Children under one year old must not be transported on a bicycle.
  • The helmet law does not apply to child passengers in an enclosed trailer.


This information is provided by the Injury Prevention and Control Program within the Department of Public Health.