The goal of the Suicide Prevention Program is to reduce the number of suicides, suicide attempts and self-injury among Massachusetts residents. We do this by:
  • Raising awareness of suicide as a public health problem
  • Providing support to communities, agencies and individuals interested in suicide prevention
  • Providing education and training for professionals and caregivers
  • Funding community-based suicide prevention and mental health promotion programs
  • Supporting and collaborating with state, regional and community suicide prevention coalitions
  • Supporting and encouraging communities to collaborate across disciplines to prevent suicide and suicide attempts across the lifespan.

For more information about the program, please contact Darlyn at Darlyn.Beaujour@State.MA.US or 617-624-5438

Strategic Plan


To see more data on suicide and self-injury, please visit the Injury Surveillance Program. For suicide and self-injury data questions, please e-mail or call 617-624-5648.

This information is provided by the Suicide Prevention Program within the Department of Public Health.