Batterer Intervention Program Fee Schedule

Individual batterer intervention programs establish their sliding fee schedule in accordance with the Massachusetts Guidelines and Standards for the Certification of Batterer Intervention Programs as stated below:

7.2 Fee Structure

Each program must have a clearly defined payment policy including provisions for indigent clients. Perpetrators are expected to contribute to the cost of the program. Chapter 209A, Section 8 provides that, "to the extent possible, the defendant shall be responsible for paying all costs for court ordered treatment."

  1. Clients shall pay fee(s) for program services.
  2. Programs may charge up to a maximum of $3,500 per client for the entire cost of attending an intervention program (inclusive of intake and evaluation).
    • Programs may charge a fee for the intake and evaluation phase of the program separately from the fees for subsequent intervention services.
    • Programs may charge fees for group sessions based on a sliding scale taking into account the client's ability to pay and thus enabling the perpetrator to afford services.
    • Programs may negotiate a deferred payment schedule or partial payment for clients who demonstrate inability to pay the program's lowest fee(s).

This information is provided by the Violence Prevention and Intervention Services within the Department of Public Health.