Remote Sites

To date the NTC has partnered with 6 remote pilot sites serving 4 diverse populations: 1 rural hospital, 2 military hospitals, 1 tribal hospital and 2 community hospitals.


Sexual assault in the military poses unique challenges for reporting and response.

The Department of Defense established the Sexual Assault Prevention Office (SAPRO) to enhance prevention, improve treatment, support of victims, and increase accountability (DoD, 2005). The United States Navy collaborated with the National TeleNursing Center at the onset of the pilot project. Currently, two US Navy Medical Treatment Facilities receive 24/7 support from the NTC.

  • Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton: Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton is a medium sized medical treatment facility located on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. The facility is a teaching hospital that provides outpatient and inpatient care for active-duty service members, their family members, retirees and other eligible beneficiaries.
  • Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms: The Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital is located in the High Desert region of the Mojave Desert in California. Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital in Twentynine Palms, CA, with 29 beds.

Rural Populations

Geographic isolation, lack of public transportation, and difficulty accessing health care are added challenges for victims of sexual assault in rural communities (Lewis, 2003). Underreporting may be higher due to a lack of anonymity and the close connection of law enforcement to the rural social network. (Weisheit, Wells & Falcone, 1995). A successful relationship with the community of Lake County, CA has been established with the TeleNursing Center.

  • Sutter Lakeside Hospital – A 25-bed critical access hospital in Lake County, CA.

Tribal Land

Native Americans have experience more sexual assault than other racial ethnic groups and have a history of sexualized violence. The relationship of Native American to law enforcement and health care has been fraught with barriers (Robin, 1996; Tjaden, 2000). The National TeleNursing Center is proud to be collaborating with Indian Health Services to provide telenursing services to an IHS facility in northern Arizona.

  • Hopi Healthcare Center – A small Indian Health Services (IHS) facility in Polacca, AZ on the Hopi Reservation. The facility serves approximately 7,000 people from both the Hopi and Navajo tribes.


A disproportionate percentage of those incarcerated have a history of sexual violence and health challenges. These factors are attributed to the high rates of sexual violence in detention centers (Zweig and Blackmore’s 2008). The use of telemedicine can improve access to high quality forensic medical care while ensuring the safety of correctional and medical staff and eliminating the need to transfer inmates out of prison for examinations. The NTC has not yet partnered with a correctional facility.

Community Hospitals

In 2015, the NTC received approval from the federal partners to bring on two additional pilot sites from within the state of Massachusetts.

  • MetroWest Medical Center – A community hospital located in Framingham, MA serving the broader MetroWest region.
  • Saint Anne's Hospital – A community hospital located in Fall River, MA. The hospital’s primary service area is Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, and Freetown, Massachusetts.

This information is provided by the Violence Prevention and Intervention Services within the Department of Public Health.