Chronic Disease Prevention supports change that creates and sustains healthy environments where people live, work and play. Healthy environments make it easier for people without chronic disease to lower their risk for developing these conditions and for people with chronic disease to manage them. It also works to eliminate health disparities so that all Massachusetts residents reach their full potential to live long and live well.

The Partnership is a new statewide coordinated chronic disease coalition. This initiative fosters a coordinated public health approach to reducing chronic diseases broadly in the Commonwealth, consistent with the new federal public health funding.

Download the Massachusetts Coordinated Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Plan:

January 2014 Summit

The focus of this Summit was Achieving Health Equity through Community-Clinical Linkages. Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, deputy chief medical officer of the American Heart Association, provided the keynote address, entitled Optimizing Health for All: Science, Systems, and Sanity. Participants heard from a panel of insurers on the role payers can play in health equity and prevention of chronic disease. The Communities of Practice reported on their progress to date and encouraged new members to join. Attendees participated in an interactive activity called Why is Chris in the Hospital, to start thinking and talking more broadly about health equity. To close the day, Jeff Harness, director of Integrated Care and Population Health at Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, delivered a presentation on the Affordable Care Act and Hospital Community Benefit.

June 2013 Summit

The focus of this CoP summit, Putting It All Together: Encouraging Collaboration among Communities of Practice, was to share and link the work of the Communities of Practice. Each group provided updates on its efforts, and then collaborated with other CoPs to share successes, challenges, and ideas for further integration. A common theme throughout the full-day program was the importance of linking community and clinical initiatives, and efforts in reducing the burden of disease in Massachusetts.

January 2013 Partnership Summit


This information is provided by the Division of Prevention and Wellness within the Department of Public Health.