The Partnership for a Heart-Healthy, Stroke-Free Massachusetts (PHHSFM) is a statewide coalition of organizations that are dedicated to promoting optimal health by preventing and reducing heart disease and stroke, responding rapidly when heart attack or stroke occurs, and improving healthcare systems in Massachusetts.

The Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control Program (HSPC) represents the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in the PHHSFM. The Partnership is committed to changing physical and social environments, public policies, and healthcare systems to reduce risk for heart disease and stroke by:

  • Connecting the work of local providers and organizations to reduce duplication and identify gaps

  • Facilitating the sharing of best and promising practices

  • Improving access to education on aspects of heart disease and stroke

  • Advocating for positive policy and systems change

  • Synthesizing and disseminating relevant information

  • Working to eliminate health disparities

  • Identifying and connecting local, state, and national resources

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This information is provided by the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control within the Department of Public Health.